headwaters-staff-Kimiko-BarrettKimiko Barrett, Ph.D.

Kimi has a deep interest in rural landscapes and the people who live there. Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, she appreciates the outdoors and the intimate connections people have with the land. After obtaining undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Japanese, Kimi completed a Master’s in Geography from Montana State University and a Ph.D. in Forestry from University of Montana. Her doctorate research focused on climate change impacts in high mountain ecosystems and took her to remote places in the western Himalayas. Kimi enjoys engaging with people on complex issues such as community resilience, adaptation, and vulnerability. When she’s not working, Kimi enjoys traveling, downhill skiing, backpacking, interpreting maps, and picking huckleberries.


Full Community Costs of Wildfire

— Almost half of the full community costs of wildfire are paid for at the local level, including homeowners, businesses, and government agencies.

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Land Use Planning to Reduce Wildfire Risk

— Case studies show how five urban areas in the West are using innovative land use planning tools to adapt to the increasing risks from wildfires.

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