Patricia Hernandez Gude

Patty's interest in community development and equity started in the rural West and now includes communities across the country. Together with Ray Rasker, Patty founded Headwaters Economics with a compassion for people and landscapes born from a childhood of escaping from urban Miami into the wild ocean as often as possible. Patty’s favorite work is measuring socioeconomic trends and helping people understand their implications in terms of quality of life and prosperity. With a Master's degree in Ecology, Patty brings a commitment to rigorous research and a deep dedication to helping communities thrive in a changing world. When she’s not at work, Patty can be found dancing salsa and teaching Spanish.


Denver Transit Equity Analysis

— Identify where potential bus rapid transit corridors in the Denver, Colorado Metro Area are most likely to enhance mobility and equity.

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High County GDP No Guarantee of Growth

— High worker productivity occurs across diverse counties and sectors but is not always connected with population growth and opportunity.

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Neighborhoods at Risk

— Integrate socioeconomic and climate data to map neighborhoods at risk in selected cities.

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National Parks Economic Impacts

— Explore National Parks economic impacts from estimated visits, jobs, and labor income created by visitor spending in National Park Service lands.
Updated August 2019 with latest available data.

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Montana Losing Open Space

— From 1990 to 2016, the number of single-family homes in Montana grew by 50 percent, and the popularity of large lots converted 1.3 million acres of undeveloped land to housing.

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Estimating Trail Use

— By pairing limited, local surveys with activity tracking app data, we are estimating trail use across large areas.

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Three Wests

— Research shows there are three distinctly different types of counties in the West, defined by their access to major markets and population centers.

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Home Construction in the High Divide

— The High Divide region, recognized as one of the most intact biological areas in the lower 48 states, is attracting many new residents and home construction is changing the landscape.

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Teton County Trails & Pathways Survey Shows Extensive Local Use

— Survey shows that nine out of 10 respondents use the pathways and trails in Teton County, Wyoming. Such surveys help community leaders, stakeholders, and citizens plan for the future of pathways and trails systems.

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Three Wests Sortable Data

— Review the economic and demographic differences between Metro, Connected and Isolated counties.

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Atlas of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem

— This interactive website was created to help inform conservation goals and actions with knowledge of the geography and people in this unique region.

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men working at restoration site

Restoring the Clark Fork River

— Headwaters Economics worked with the Clark Fork Coalition, U.S. Forest Service, and others to create an interactive tool that describes many of the stories behind the ongoing recovery of the Clark Fork River.

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California fire

Northern California, Homes, and Cost of Wildfires

— This Headwaters Economics study analyzes the impact of housing and climate on the costs of fighting forest fires in the twelve national forests of the Sierra Nevada.

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Aerial of Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River Atlas

— This site documents the economic and demographic conditions of counties bordering the Yellowstone River, and displays maps showing past, current, and forecasted residential development along the river.

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map of high divide counties

High Divide GIS Data

— Headwaters Economics developed historical and forecasted housing data for the High Divide based on county tax assessor records. Download GIS data showing 2013 home counts per Public Land Survey Section.

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