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Economic Profile System

Get EPS email updatesDownload socioeconomic reports of communities, counties, & states, including aggregations and comparisons. The Economic Profile System (EPS) uses federal data sources, including the Bureaus of Economic Analysis, Census, & others. EPS is also known as the Human Dimensions Toolkit by the Forest Service.

About the Economic Profile System

This tool evolved from the Economic Profile System-Human Dimensions Toolkit (EPS-HDT) Excel Add-In.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Available nation-wide — any state, county, custom combination of geographies, and for the Demographics report, also sub-county.
  • Updated continuously with the latest data.
  • Uses reliable, published government data.
  • Downloadable in Excel or PDF formats.
Data Sources
Economic Profile System funders and collaborators

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Contact: Patricia Hernandez Gude 406.599.7425 or patty@headwaterseconomics.org.