Disadvantaged Populations

Disadvantaged populations are more likely to experience adverse social, health, and economic outcomes due to their race, age, gender, poverty status, and other socioeconomic measures. The Populations at Risk tool quickly and easily creates reports for any geography.


Denver Transit Equity Analysis

— Identify where potential bus rapid transit corridors in the Denver, Colorado Metro Area are most likely to enhance mobility and equity.

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Neighborhoods at Risk

— Integrate socioeconomic and climate data to map neighborhoods at risk in selected cities.

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Austin Wildfire and Vulnerable Populations Tool

— Identify neighborhoods where overlapping wildfire threats and socioeconomic vulnerabilities may make people disproportionately susceptible to wildfire.

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Chris Mehl

City Trails: Improving Equitable Access

— Urban trail efforts increasingly are focusing on providing equitable access to trails. Trails and parks can create substantial benefits for public health, property values, and quality of life.

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